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Cafe Coffee Day, Bandra Kurla Complex


one of the better ones

It is 1 of the better ccd's to have ur coffee . my simple metric of judging ccd coffee is by its temperature.ccd is notorious for serving lukewarm coffee .ccdd kept its promise and gave me a king size luke warm cappucino.

We also ordered a combination of brownie and icecream which to my suprise was called was surprisingly good and warmer than my coffee. I hadnt expected ccd to come up with it.

the ambience of this joint is nice as its open and tucked into a corner.over all its ur best option for a nice bite in the mall.

Khandani Rajdhani, Kurla West


Not the best anymore.

I pretty much gave up the rajdhani dream when i ate at rajdhani in bangalore. They molested the thali with unusual veggies and random curries. It was thus with disdain and suspicion that i ventured into rajdhani in phoenix market city - kurla .

We were the first guests for lunch at 1pm on a saturday . The first thing that struck me was that the spread was larger than in bangalore and i could make that out by the number of bowls in the thali.

The starters were dahi bhalla and samosa . I was surprised as i am used to more number of starters from rajdhani , however i am not much of a starter fan and hence i was fine. The samosa was very good , it was piping hot and the mint chutney made it it even more so. The dahi bhalla was good but it being a predominantly north indian dish i found it too sweet , but it was good.

The crowning glory was the dal bati in main course. Now the bati was not exceptional and i have eaten better but the dal was a class apart , a simple hing flavored delight topped with ghee it just hit the spot.In the sabjis there was a potato & tomato curry , two dals, one kadi . The let downs however were many. Firstly i dont understand what were rajma and mata paneer doing in a rajasthani thali...there should have been gatte ki sabji and singree or beans. Secondly they had something called kashmiri karela which was a dry veggie ,sweet and topped with cashew. What was appalling was that it had coconut flavor , now where do i get coconut in kashmir?

The let down was also in sweet. The badam halwa was dry ...much like what suji ka halwa becomes after an hour. The gulab jamuns were slightly hard too. The basundi was tasty but it reminded a lot of milkmaid.

Overall it was good and dal baati saved the day however my expectations were much higher after seeing the menu.They need to pull up their food selection and preparation at this place.Its average to good at best.

Moksh Restobar, Vikhroli West


Great value but ambiance can be better

I am giving 3 stars to moksh strictly on the basis of my one visit at 10:30 pm on a monday evening. For a restaurant of this repute i expected consistent service and food especially it being recommended highly.

Firstly the location of this joint is a little bit odd....on the top of Home Town . Its located in one corner of the food court and once you navigate through two big aquariums with sharks in them ( mini ones) you reach moksh.

We ordered A cherry tomato soup,reshmi kebab , aam panna, dal makhani,punjabi kofta & roti basket
The cherry tomato soup is good.Its different from the regular soup and it would be better if they did not add too much of salt.

The kebabs were very bad.They were soggy and uncooked and were a disappointment.

The Dal makhani and the punjabi kofta were heavenly....only the kofta was floating in vanaspati which "froze" overnight . Less oil would have definitely made the dish more palatable.The roti basket was good and all the breads tasted authentic.

The ambiance of the place is good and so is service. The most amazing part of moksh is that whatever they do well , they do really well and so is true for the opposite.

Another thing to mention is the price.....this place is absolute value for money. For all of the above we payed less than Rs 1000 .

with a little rejig of their menu and focus on their dishes i bet moksh is going to be a solid joint. I would surely be visiting it again.

Great Punjab, Powai


Dal makhani molestation

I write considerate reviews, am usually accommodating as people put in effort to open a joint and sometimes they go wrong. However the great punjab is not wrong its criminal.

Ill get straight to food. We ordered dal makhani , paneer parantha,methi parantha & aloo parantha.

The paneer and methi parantha were very good and one of better ones i have eaten in mumbai however at 80 bucks a pop i think they were over priced. The aloo parantha was normal and any ways people rarely get it right.

The mint chutney served alongside was horrible had no mint but coriander and tasted like crushed grass and water mush.

What was appalling was the dal makhani. For a punjabi restaurent to go wrong on dal makhani is like a yash chopra movie which has gone wrong on location. The dal was diluted !!! yes it was and tasted like salt water....we had walked in late and would have been fine if we were told that they ran out of the dal , what they served really made us angry and upset.

Also service is bad. The waiters roam about like zombies and are more keen to shut shop than to feed.There are no tissues on the table and the finger bowl in the end was cold .

Its a joint which you go to as a last option...its cramped and has just 6 tables inside....ill never forgive great punjab for the dal makhani molestaion that day...

Rude Lounge, Malad West


Nice Big rooftop bundle of noise....

Visited this lounge last week for the first time . Its a huge huge place right at the top of the building with a nice rooftop section which is open. The music and vibe of the place is very nice and the DJ plays some excellent music. The only problem with the joint is that its just too dark and i think they have got themselves confused between a discotheque and a lounge. Also the food is a let down with very ordinary indian and very lame mocktails. The food is very pop tate types and lower than quality from pop tates.However if you are for the music and some nice beers and drinks this is the place.

Copper Chimney, Worli


Average to good north indian

I have had a lot of buffet lunches at copper chimney worli however i would rate it just about good.

For the reputation it posesses the ambience is strictly ok.The tables are very cramped and the salad table in the centre isnt very comforting.Copper chimneys buffet spread looks more out of a north indian wedding spread which has been ravaged by some 20 diners already. The presentation is good to start with but they do not refill properly and the frequency of refil of the breads is abysmally low.

The biggest let down for me is the Dal makhani. For its reputation copper chimneys dal is very pedestrian. The paneer dishes are good and as they should be , but they are superbly oily and very heavy.If they say that their dal is simmered overnight i seriously doubt their definition of Dal or their duration of night.

The overall feeling after the buffet is not of satisfaction but of bloating which should not be the case.I would rate copper chimney equal to jewel of india in terms of its buffet only difference being copper chimney does not use "averaged" out gravy.

I am convinced that the ala carte food at copper chimney would be better.However the true test for a joint of this repute is to replicate the small portion to the larger size with minimal dilution of taste.
Overall copper chimnet , worli is good but not will come out with a feeling that you have had the same taste somewhere before.

K.3 Snacks, Powai


Worst possible place to eat in mumbai

Its surprising how someone can get everything wrong at the same time. It takes effort and dedicated consistency over a long time to make food this bad.K.3 just beats everyone hollow at it.

I mean how can you make dhokla taste like a hard sweet sponge. And to top it ....there is no chutney or fried chilly along with it.The patra tasted like it had been made 2 days ago and was as hard as a coiled scrubber.

To top it all the gulab jamuns were cold and the syrup was watery. There was an absolute disregard for the consumer and what he wanted. This is the most callous and in the face street joint i have been to in this city and the most unfriendly one at that.

Good food at lower prices is called value and bad food at low prices is called cheap....and thats exactly what this joint is...stay away...



Excellent leba nese falafal wrap must try

It would not be fair to make a comparison between faasos and wraps and rolls especially when one is home delivery and the other is off the counter but for the sake of parity id say that i found wraps and rolls better.

faaso's rolls base is a little thicker and the rolls smaller which gives you a kind of mushy feeling when you take a bite.Wraps and rolls on the other hand were crispier and thinner.

I had the falafel and lebanese wrap and i wasnt disappointed. The falafels were nice and crispy and the hummus fresh but the clincher was the mayonese sauce which bought the distinctive lebanese taste.At 110 bucks it was a veru god meal at a fair price.

They have lots of variety and i need to try more of their stuff. The start though has been pretty good.

Out Of The Blue, Powai


Lovely live music and excellent food

There are many things which get going for out of the blue...for me it was the amazing ambiance with a seating which allowed me to squat and yet look stylish.

The biggest draw for me however was the live being a Wednesday night i was amazed to find two singers Allan & Lyn sing one of the most amazing set of covers that i have heard at restaurants. The simple medley of electronic guitar with the amazing voice of Lynn made the experience simply ecstatic.

As for food it definitely is a big draw. I would definitely recommend the cocktail - Cosmopolitan for those who like the buzz without the odor of an alcohol. Its nice and fruity and creeps up on you slowly .

But for me the best dish of the night was the sundried tomato cottage cheese patty in lemon mustard sauce sizzler. Yep you read that was a sizzler. I would really rate it high as it was very difficult to think of this combination of sun dried tomatoes,paneer and some cheese. Out of the blue has got it just right and the taste is simply heavenly. To top it there is this lemon mustard sauce which again is a killer combination as the lemon nicely balances out the strong mustard without overpowering it.The butter rice also goes very nice along with the whole deal.

Over all for the lovely music on a weekday and for one of the most amazing sizzlers i have tasted i would rate out of the blue very highly.

The only dampener was the service which i thought was way too casual and little high headed.

5 Spice, Andheri East


Most innovative chinese dish ive ever had

Having heard a lot about the place I tried it out for a weekday lunch.The location is not great and the a great drain which is the size of a small river flowing just beside it dosent help its cause either. However as you step inside its better. The ambience is pleasing but not exceptional , although i could not point it out the overall feeling was of it being unclean and untidy perhaps it was the symmetry perhaps the color combination .We decided to attack the food directly and had 4 dishes. Spring rolls,chicken dragon balls, Burnt garlic fried rice & exoitic veggies in basil and wine .We also ordered a cocktail. The disappointment were the spring rolls which were too broad,too filled and soggy. They were dripping with oil and could have given any delhi road side chola bhatura a run for its money in terms of oil content. But that is where the disappointment ended.The burnt garlic rice were one of the best chinese rice i have had as i am a noodle lover and rice dosent impress me unless its really good. This one did. The innovative part about it was the crispy deep fried onion which were mixed alongside the rice which added that slight crunch to it. The rice were not too spicy and yet hot . The chicken dragon balls i was told were exceptional as well , the chicken was soft and the flavor balanced. But the dish of the evening was the main course- Exotic veggies in basil and red wine. It was one of the most innovative chinese dishes i have had in a long time. They had mixed the chinese sauces and reduced them alongside some red wine . The end result was a dish which i feel was the perfect fusion . The spicy chinese balanced the red wine aftertaste superbly and along with the rice it was a combination par excellence. The portion sizes are huge main course and one noodles is more than enough for two couples or 3 guys . The cocktail that we ordered was a khus cocktail which was another pleasant surprise. They cut the sweetness of khus with lime and balanced both with apt amount of vodka. The quantity of vodka was huge too . Overall 5 spice is on the top of my list for one of the most innovative chinese dishes i have tasted.

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