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Shruti Saumya - Burrp User

Shruti Saumya

May 21,2015

Fine dining at its best! ^_^

My weekend ended on a perfectly delicious note with fine dining at Pesto Pesto. We ordered a vegetarian platter which was quite filling for the two of us with mushrooms (one of my favourites), mozarella cheese, paneer, potato wedges served with tantalizing mix of sauces. For main course we had Verdure Pizza and for desserts - Tiramisu (yes of course! cannot consume this one without smiling) and Vanilla & Carmamel Parfait with Hazelnut Praline. Good food, welcoming decor, heady conversations, easy music, watching the IPL (on the plasma screen) in between - now that's a wonderful night you get at Pesto Pesto!

After a relishing meal, it was time for some refreshing night breeze, out on the terrace overlooking the Pune's night skyline while I could hear the music and frenzy bursting out of Penthouze (just a few floors below in the same building). A mix of calmness and fun, at the same time, on that nice little terrace sort of defined the ideal Pune evening!

Talking of ideal Pune evenings, Pesto Pesto is a must visit... so much more for fine-dining enthusiasts like yours truly! Italian food and the entire experience is so much worth it. Buon Pranzo! ^_^
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ashish_deb35 - Burrp User


November 29,2013

Where have you been?

For someone who eats out a lot, I was surprised I hadn't heard about this place AT ALL!! Moreover, I live in this area! Anyways, getting back to my review, its a nice place with a breathtaking view of the city. Food was average I felt. My wife makes better Rissotto quite frankly(and she isn't mush of a cook). Interesting variety in Pizza though, and it was very tasty too(had a Sicilian Pizza). What rocked the show though, was the Tiramisu. Out of the friggin world. Probably the best Tiramisu I've had in Pune. The place is moderately priced. I feel Service was good too. Overall its a good restaurant and I am happy to have discovered it. Would definitely go there again for Pizza and their Desserts.
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Tanvi S - Burrp User

Tanvi S

June 20,2013

Great Food And Good Looks At A Cost!!!

Went to this place last week and had a great time. The menu was quite exquisite and I also liked the style of the menu card. The ambiance is nice and the view in the evening is also quite good. Had ordered a grilled chicken with Italian sauce and a chicken lasagna. Both the dishes were great. Liked the cheesecake but din't like the fruit sauce along with it. I thought it was too sweet. Maybe will try the tiramisu next time. Definitely worth visiting once if you really want to have some good Italian food. Although, thought it was a bit expensive. Ordered 2 mock-tails, 2 main course and a desert and the bill for the two of us was Rs 1700 which I think was slightly on the higher side. Although if somebody wants to go on a romantic date, definitely this can be the place!
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Damian Fernandes - Burrp User

Damian Fernandes

November 25,2012

Disapointing Experience

Have always heard people rave about the place. the food was average. Nice ambiance. The service was extreeeemely slow. had to wait really long for our food. the only saving grace was the bread they offered us during the wait.
Had the fish cakes/puffs as starters which were a bit salty.

The dessert: Apple crumble. Yummy. it was perfect. sorta made up for the salty fish cakes.
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priyakdas9 - Burrp User


May 22,2012

Good experience

We had gone to Pesto Pesto for lunch. The ambiance was great and the staff were very courteous, helpful and smiling. We had ordered a lunch combo and a Mediterranean Tian. All the items on the combo as well as the main dish were good. All in all a good place to try out.
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