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Koregaon Park
Satellite Building, Lane No. 6, Koregaon Park, Pune
11:00 am to 03:00 pm, 07:00 pm to 11:30 pm

Price: Rs.1800 for two

Cuisine: Multi-cuisine

Known for: Desserts

Large Group Friendly
Serves alcohol
Bar area
Valet parking
Air conditioned
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ank742 - Burrp User


August 31,2015

Effingut Brewerkz - Kiva , Koregaon Park - Pune

Was invited here for my first foodie meetup on the 18th June 2015,and I must say this place was just incredible.
We were a group of 15 odd people, and prior to us coming, there were tables reserved for us.

I really liked the decor of the place with framed catchy wall posters. Full points on the innovativeness and cool ideas for the decor of the place. Aptly lit - comfortable seating space. TVs located in such a way, that you can view them from where ever you are sitting. There was this bike which was hung on the wall, which seemed more like a show piece – but we were told that in every 3-4 months, the bike is removed from there and is actually ridden. It is in perfect – driving condition.

From the outside look of the place, I hadn't imagined it would be really this cool inside.

This place serves dishes ranging from Indian, oriental to continental. You can expect a every breed of food here. :P

As an added bonus, we had the in house tour of the brewery. Manu Gulati(the brew master as he called himself :) ), really gave us nice insight to the entire brewing process, showed their brewing tanks, the cold storage - how the consumption of beer is measured, the different kinds of malt they use. It was an interesting insight into this information.

For all the beer drinkers, they had arranged for tasters, so they could choose their beer aptly. And Manu provided lot of info about each type from beer.
It was good trivia. Not a beer person, but I could see how the beer was loved by each and every one.

Coming to the food - there was a predefined menu decided for the foodies. It was a wide spread of delicacies, ranging from beer, mocktails - starters (veg and non-veg), main course(veg and non-veg) and finally the desserts.

For mock tails, I had the fresh passion and the orange wheel. The fresh passion was more of a virgin Mohito –mix of lime, mint, soda. The next one I tried was the orange wheel - a mix of orange and cranberry juice along with peach. Both the mock tails were good.

Coming to starters - I think we had numerous rounds of starters.
Crispy corn - just loved this dish. It was fab.
The paneer tikka - it was cooked the traditional way - the paneer was ultra-soft, slightly grilled. It just melted in the mouth. Perfect!
The mushroom agilo ohilo - another dish I relished. By the looks of the dish, I didn't find it appealing, but it tasted really good. Mushroom cooked in lots of cheese and garlic sauce. Could really taste the flavors.
The jerk chicken - it was just about a OK dish for me. I found the chicken pieces little hard, which was the drawback of the dish for me.
Then we had the chicken in plum sauce – this one was indeed juicy and tasty. I loved the sauce it was cooked in - tangy and sweet think for the first time I had a dish of this kind - a different presentation as well - chicken sliced in circular fashion.

Being too filled with the starters - I had really no place for the main course.

But went for the paneer sashilik. This one is a complete dish on its own - one doesn't need any breads along. It was skewered tikka-ed - paneer along with veggies and broccoli - served with a bowl of rice. The presentation and the taste were both really alluring.

To save the best for the last, was the brownie with ice-cream - and it was a delight to see the dish brought in. They actually set the platter on fire to make it sizzle. Wow!!

The service was really good. The staff was well aware about the dishes and drinks they were serving. Kudos to the guys for their efficiency.

They play some awesome music - which really lets you to groove on to it. We went on a Thursday - but the crowd, music and ambiance gave a complete feel of the weekend. It was a good kick start to the weekend. :) They had this amazing game or a quiz that they were hosting - for every right answer you win a beer for your table. This was something really riveting.

In the end I can say, this place is EFFING GOOD man!!

~Bon Appetite!!
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Preeti Kumar - Burrp User

Preeti Kumar

February 19,2014

A Perfect Place to Enjoy Food, Drinks and Music

Kiva is one of the best places in Pune that offers delicious food along with great drinks. Guess the place was under renovation a few months back but now is fully functional and back to its old glory. Recently visited this place with a few friends and had a great time. We started off with the Buffalo Stripes that were well marinated in chilly flakes and covered in hot barbeque sauce. They were so delicious that we devoured them in no time.Next we had the Tangy Prawns. I must say that it was a unique appetizer with prawns cooked in a tangy blend of red chili paste and tamarind, giving it a mouth-watering tangy and spicy flavor. Moving on to the main course, the four of us ordered some unique dishes, each delicious in its own way. The first dish we ordered was Rosemary Lamb which was a marinated lamb grilled and served on a bed of spinach, mushrooms, jalapeno, gherkin and pepper. All I can say is Wow!!! The dish was absolutely heavenly and all of us loved it. Next was the Chef de Gamberoni, a sea food dish with succulent king prawns cooked with coconut cream in tender coconut shell served with saffron rice. Healthy in its own terms, the dish for delicious and made us order a second round of it. Next was the Coriander Crusted Kingfish which was a Kingfish steak coated with chopped coriander, grilled and served on a bed of onion and raisins tossed with thyme. Well garnished and deliciously cooked, we felt that the Kingfish would now definitely rest in peace in our tummies. Last on the list was Barbeque Chicken on Cilantro Mash. Delicious nevertheless, the traditional barbequed chicken legs were served on the bed of cilantro mashed potatoes and sautéed veggies.So, Kiva still maintains their old glory of great food, drinks and ambience! Check it out!
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