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Richa Shailendra - Burrp User

Richa Shailendra

January 31,2015

Excellent bakery

I have been a fan of this place since a long time, actually I have borrowed that love from my father and this is one excellent place serving delicious bread, mawa cakes which are my favorites any time, apple pie which is better than I have had anywhere and a full gamut of amazing cookies which I keep picking up for my family . Everything is reasonably priced too. And it is heaven for a true blue vegetarian like me!
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Nandini Pai - Burrp User

Nandini Pai

June 11,2014

Vintage bread

This vintage Iranian style bakery serves handmade bread and bakery products. Delightful chai and heavily buttered brun maska. There are also some favorities like the banana pie, oatmeal-raisin cookies, ginger biscuits and the forever yumm mawa cakes.
The co-owner/ cashier told me that the name Yazdani originates from the town of Yazd, which is the capital of the Yazd Province in Iran, and a hub of Iranian culture.
Go there to enjoy a nice old worldly bakery feel alongwith piping hot chai and freshly baked bread.
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November 27,2013

Yes- dani !

Discovering new eating joints is great fun. But Yazdani is around from some 100 years ! After shopping and checking with some websites, landed there around 5.30 and the staff was already checking out the ladi pav and brun. They run out of stuff pretty fast, town being a commercial area and have a mixed clientele comprising of stock brokers and lawyers etc. Ordered the brun maska and it was heavenly, size of a quarter plate and with Amul butter , You need to have luck on you side to get it ! Mushroom pie is ok, regular tea not as per my taste.Apple pie heavily loaded on cinnamon is an acquired taste. Took away the golden sponge cake it was awesome and reasonably priced . Next time, will go for the cookies and sponge cake for sure. Sundays closed . (They have limited stock so reach before 6 pm. )
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genesis - Burrp User


October 01,2013

Where time stands still

Drive down from Chembur on a Saturday morning (The Eastern Freeway now makes it much easier), park near Horniman Circle and meander into the side lanes of Fort to be greeted by the Pagoda roof like entrance of Yazdani. Say hi to the genial old owner, smile at the waiter in a bush shirt and order the brun maska and chai. Midway through the meal order one more brun and one more chai. That is a ritual for many years and one that will be hard to change. On the way back pick up some of their khari's and a little known secret, the pizza bread (all available very very cheap). No kheema, no eggs, this is a bakery not a restaurant but it will satiate both your hunger and taste buds. Hat tip: Bun is the soft bread while Brun has a tougher exterior with a soft interior. Liking for a particular type is an acquired taste. By the way, brun was invented so that old parsi ladies with less teeth would get the pleasure of biting into something substantial without appearing sissy.
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karenmenezes - Burrp User


September 23,2013

Bombay's only veg Irani cafe

The little hole in the wall joint serves up delicious bun maska, mawa cakes and khari biscuits with chai. Their apple pie is a large, warm, enclosed puff with raisins and spice and molten apple. Not authentic, but so delicious... They also make an interesting mushroom puff, as well as delicious dark brown ginger biscuits, and oat and raisin drops that you can parcel for your evening chai. I love their multigrain loaf, as well as the foccacia bread, drizzled with olive and herb, the softest bread I've ever eaten. The food is very cheap (the biscuits and breads are a bit more pricey) and do carry change, since the Irani owner prefers if you do.
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Enakshi Biswas - Burrp User

Enakshi Biswas

July 17,2013

Apple Pie:melts in the mouth

So for someone like me who grew up reading Enid Blyton books where the kids were forever relishing their apple pie during tea time...I grew to crave it. But the 5-6 times that I tried an Apple pie at different bakeries across the length & breadth of india, including Bombay-I was utterly disappointed. Actually, disappointed would be a understatement. I started hating the Apple pie & couldn't understand what the fuss was all about. Till I decided to give the apple pie 1 last shot at Yazdani since they didnt have their golden sponge cake that day. My god! I literally ate up my words about apple pie being repulsive. Infact, 2 people can share 1 apple pie. Its cut in 4 pieces and it is heavenly. What with raisins and a slight whiff of cinnamon. Who would have thought that mashed apples can taste so brilliant!
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mukhi - Burrp User


November 20,2012

Best bread in town

The last of the old-fashioned bakeries! Dingy, rundown and busy, this place does a variety of loaf-breads including seven-grain, olive bread etc as well as "pau", and some exotic things like spicy hot apple pie (small individual-serving pies with cinammon, cloves, raisins... just perfect for a cold day). It's in a lane off Flora Fountain, worth the effort to find it and on occasion, just sit there to sample the tea with "brun-maska". My strongest recommendation is for the "multi-grain" bread, buy many loaves and stock them in your freezer. It is precious stuff.
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