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Nitika Gupta - Burrp User

Nitika Gupta

February 15,2017

Buffet lunch is worth a try once

LOCATION ?Barking Deer Brewpub is located at Mathuradas Mill Compund ; once here you have to ask for directions to find this place .With the likes of Socials , BSE , Doolally Taproom mushrooming all over Mumbai for drinks & dining ; this is one place which gives them serious competition as far as beer is concerned .

AMBIENCE ? The aroma of freshly brewed beer hits your once as soon as you enter this place . The interiors have a warm wooden feel .

DRINKS ? The offer you tastings of various beers with a description of each for you to choose from .

FOOD ? Lunch buffet is reasonable enough which offers wraps , thai mains & mini desserts along with a drink . We ordered the ala carte as well as the buffet . Their quality & quantity are both very good .

SERVICE ? The staff is polite & know their drinks & food well to give ample suggestions as per your liking . An order takes 15 mins minimum .

OVERALL ? If you are a hard core beer lover them you should not miss this place .
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Foodie Punters - Burrp User

Foodie Punters

June 29,2016

Their belgian wits brew is one of their best n so is d farmers pie..

Awesomeeee place..
Great musik..
N friendly staff..
Their belgian wits brew is one of their best n so is d farmers pie..
Simply love their brews..
N keep gng back
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rohanpathak21 - Burrp User


June 29,2015

Nice Craft Beer

It is an awesome place to have craft beer. We had craft beer and it was really nice. They have a nice setting inside with books and all. It is very spacious as well. They also have outside seating where people can smoke.

The food wasn't up to the mark. The Chicken was quite sour and the nachos had something missing.
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

March 22,2015

Perfect place for beer lovers.

An awesome place to have some awesome home brewed beer.Flying pig, Christmas scout, banana flavor, Barking deer are few of their unique flavors. Quite appealing for diff taste buds at a resonable cost of around 275-350 bug.
In terms of ambience, it's casual. still I love their Wooden interiors and high chairs perfect for a pub setting.
Chicken wings tossed in schzewan sauce and baked potatoes in hot garlic sauceare my personal fav appetizers.The Bombay Blonde Ale should be tried.
The music is so loud that it impossible to have a detailed conversation.
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GastronomicalJunky - Burrp User


November 25,2014

Gorge on the burg

Was craving for a beef burg... and I stumbled across the barking deer menu.. ordered the classic burger and man! it was yummy! the meat was perfectly cooked.. one bite and the juices was dripping on to my plate! it was a lil messy though but who cares when it tastes that good!

Chilled beer and beef burger made my night! the place is easy to locate, staff are on their toes! Food arrived on time... Go in with a group of friends and you gonna have a blast...

Lack of space is one of the problems as we were asked to stand at the bar for quite some time...

All in all had a good time!!
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neelindap - Burrp User


October 27,2014

Beer heaven!

Was mesmerized by their beer menu and a visit was long overdue.

Straight away asked for the house brewed,but was disappointed that only two were in stock,Belgian Wit and Smoky Deer.The server was kind enough to give us a sampler shots before we could order in.

Belgian Wit had a sweetish-citrusy aftertaste,nothing extra-ordinary.
Smoky Deer was something different.Felt like a light Stout,with a smoky aftertaste.The smoky flavour was overpowering though.

For the second order,asked for I guess 2-3 beers,none in stock.
Settled for Fuller's Honey Dew.A hint of honey aftertaste,with no kick at all in the beer itself.Felt too flat for my liking.

Again,asked for like 2-3 beers,all out of stock,and felt a bit cheated as to all the exotic ones were out of stock.Anyway,asked the server to get me one which was in stock,who suggested 1664 Blanc,which was not on the menu.
This one made my day.A crisp,chilled beer with a caramel after taste,a unique blend which was what was needed to enjoy the El Classico! :)
Ended downing a couple more of these.

The food,order the carnivore platter.Meat balls were a little dry,tamarind and lime chicken tikkas were all right,beer batter basa was nice(fresh meat,real tender),wings were top notch and butter garlic beer prawns were the pick of the lot.
Baked nachos with cheese,loaded both in terms of taste and quantity.You could order a plate of this,and down a couple of beers.Perfect companion for beers.

Ambiance is good,normal seating,bar seating as well,along with 4 screens.DJ playing the backdrop as well.
Love the walls,full of beer bottles,and the brewery kettles behind the bar itself.

Staff is courteous,helped me with my orders.A bit on the expensive side,but totally worth it.
Another good thing about this place,the beer on tap Kingfisher and Stella,both were crisp,chilled and not at all flat,like most(read every)places.So thumbs up for this.

Beer lovers shouldn't miss this place! :)
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Lizy Dsouza - Burrp User

Lizy Dsouza

October 06,2014

TRY it!

Sadly I've been to barking deer only once and I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it.
While i tried to walk in when they organised the game of foams event, i managed to get here only when they had the street food festival (no i wasn't crawling..prior comments are why i did not reach)

the ambiance is all good and fun and the service is a bit slow but worth the wait.

Yes, they are expensive but for a good night you can shell out a bit.
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coffeedesk - Burrp User


September 19,2014

Great beer, expensive food

While I can hardly call myself a beer drinker, there are plenty of things that Barking deer gets right. The beer sampler lets you try out 4 beers in roughly 200 ml quantities.

We like the Porter Ale and the Bombay Blondies (which was the lightest of the lot). The beer -bloody mary cocktail was disappointing and tasted too much like a watered down version of a regular bloody mary. a regular bloody mary here on the other hand was better balanced and packed a peppery punch.

Sunday afternoons have the option of a brunch menu, though would recommend sticking with the a la carte menu if you're not interested in either soups, salads or desserts.

Whats great: The spare ribs in a barbecue sauce and the meat balls in a sweet and sour sauce are delicious and hold their own with most drinks. The wings were tasty enough, though horribly messy and much larger than the bite sized pieces we're used to.

Room for improvement: tried a chocolate cake and and the fig and date deserts. Both were fairly disappointing, The chocolate cake couldn't quite make up its mind about whether it wanted to be a mousse cake or a regular cake, and the dry fruit cake was perhaps a step better than a muesli breakfast - not a good thing for a desert.

While the beer is reasonably priced, the food can be a tad expensive. The service was prompt and friendly though. Head here with a bunch of friends for an easy couple of drinks after a long day.
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Nivedita Karmaran - Burrp User

Nivedita Karmaran

March 22,2014

A fun joint

Well we came here for fun and did we have that? YES. A good mix of drinks. and Liked their breads and today's special. The ambiance is good, if you like noisy you can take tables close to the bar. The music played was good as well. We heard the retro. As the evening wore on, the bar became a fun place. There were games played there and lots of good noise of enjoyment. They can improve their service though. It was like they were giving us space in between our dishes.
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puneetb81 - Burrp User


December 31,2013

fly in food... No basic hygiene. ... lousy service

The first impression that the Barking deer creates is good.... But as you spend more time your experience turns bad every minute.... The service is pretty lousy. ... you have to beg someone to take your order and serve you.... The order is always served late.... And don't be surprised if there are flies or insects in your food... The waiters attitude shows that such things happen often... No one even cared to apologize for the same...Attached is the picture of the fly...
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Mahima Chhangani - Burrp User

Mahima Chhangani

November 26,2013

Fun place

I've been visiting Barking deer quite often, even before the started their brewery. Love the personalized service they give and love the look and feel of the place. Their sandwiches, starters and pastas are quite good. Had tried their lunch buffet which was strictly average. Have tasted 3 of their beers of which I liked the Pale Ale best. One's too bitter and one's too sour, the Pale Ale was the mildest so enjoyed it. They do offer a wide variety of international beers too.. Overall a fun place to hangout at..
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Rohit  - Burrp User


November 24,2013

Good start!

Well to be honest the wait was too long for Mumbaikars to get its own brewery. And finally on Nov 7 when it was published that the wait was over, me and my friends could not have been more happier. Tucked away in a corner in the Mathuradas Mill Compound, this place has a nice feel to it. The owner Gregory is a friendly guy who drops in to have a chat. We had gone solely to savor the in house beers. Of the three inhouse offerings, they were out of stock on the Bombay Blonde ale on the day we visited. Off the other two offerings, our personal favorite was the dark Indian Pale ale(Rs 300/- a glass) which came with a nice beer head and packs a neat punch too! The Flying Pig Belgian wit(Rs 250/- a glass) was a bit light for our liking. The brewpub also has an impressive range of Imported Beers although just like everywhere else in the city, these are obscenely priced at. We would be definitely be coming to this place again for its lovely vibe and BEERS of course!
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shriyansh86 - Burrp User


November 08,2013

extremely disappointed, poor service!

I thought what could more perfect than celebrating my birthday with friends on the day 'The Barking Deer' starts brewing Beer. So as per the deal, we were supposed to get unlimited starters for Rs.500 cover charge per head. But the service was so poor. They would only get one plate of starters for 20 people which would finish in less than a minute. We had to wait for 15-20 minutes for the next plate and the same story continued. We had to continuously remind them to get food on the table. Even that would take them 15-20 minutes. Service for the beverages was also very sloppy. In the end when we were leaving, we wanted to take a group photograph so we asked one of their managers who was standing near the main door if he could click a photograph for us (something that would not take more than half a minute) and he blatantly refused. I vouch to never go there again and if I wish to enjoy some freshly brewed beer, I will rather drive down to pune!
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Juilee Manjrekar - Burrp User

Juilee Manjrekar

October 07,2013

Brewery still without a license

I heard from reviews that this is slated to be Mumbai's first brewpub and frankly, since I am not a big fan of BEER I was skeptical about this place. However, this place does not disappoint. The prawns and starters spread was exceptionally delicious, there was a decent alcohol menu not withstanding the great beer special one, maincourse was satisfactory in both taste and portions and the music was just perfect for the ambiance. This place will be Lower Parel's answer for a Leopold or Mondy's for sure!
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Arjuna - Burrp User


September 17,2013

2 words - Extremely disappointed!

I visited the place as a part of friend's birthday celebrations in a group of 12-15 people on a Saturday night. The décor was nothing to write home about, so lets leave it at that. The food - I had ordered the Three cheese & Madras CHILLI RISOTTO with grilled fennel and green lime. So when the menu item on the menu says CHILLI in capitals I expect it to have chillies in it and be spicy. Oh I was so wrong! When the dish arrived everyone on the table asked me, Why did you order Khichdi? It was pale yellow with no chilli whatsoever! So I asked the waiter where is the CHILLI? He came back after 10 minutes with 2 roasted red chillies in a small bowl!! Oh what a disappointment it was to eat a bland risotto with hardly any flavor with a portion so small it hardly put a dent in my stomach. My friends were left dejected as well with their choices of Braised Beef as the waiter had switched the orders of rare and medium rare. Later that night I found out the another friend who had ordered a Hot Dog was given a roll of bread with sausage on the side with no mustard, no onions!!! And the Red Wine took forever to come...and in the end it did not. What was disappointing that I was really looking forward to this place as it had come highly recommended from a friend and review websites. And turned out to be below average for all the hype surrounding it. I left the Barking Deer hungry and looking for a taxi to find a place to fill the hole in my stomach. BTW the micro-brewery is not functioning! Licensing problems...
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Foodslut - Burrp User


September 16,2013

Great Ambience, Good food, slow service

We went for Sunday lunch to the Barking Deer with friends, hoping to try some of the burgers and sandwiches that everyone was talking about. The place is bang opposite blue frog, and has a nice large feel to it. Since it was sunday, it also had a large buffet spread, but none of us were really carrying our parsi appetites with us, so we decided to go with the a la carte option. For starters we ordered some nachos with cheese and they were really good. For the mains, many of us ordered the beef sandwiches, the ham and chicken sandwiches and the portions and the taste was good. While the quantities are large, we felt that the bread was way too thick, which ended up filling us quite fast. The Beef burger was ok, I've had better at the Mai Tai Lounge, Hard Rock still seems the one to beat. The veggie 3 cheese sandwich was also decent. The service was very slow and I had to ask for my glass to be refilled with water 4 times. Also, 6 out of the 7 of us got our main courses at the same time, and 1 had to wait an additional 10 minutes for his dish, which in my opinion is blasphemy when it comes to dining as a group. Really spoilt the overall experience. The food is definitely Value for Money, with burgers and sandwiches priced at around 300-350 bucks (plus 25% taxes) Its a nice place to try, but if I crave good burgers and sandwiches, Indigo Deli, HRC will yet be my #1 choice.
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Prakhar  - Burrp User


July 30,2013

go for beer.. and beer only

visited last month with few old friends for a reunion, couldnt go to blue frog so we tried next door i.e, Barking Deer. Great evening, and an amazing selections of beer pints from all over the world. but thats all what is great about the place.. no beers by pitchers were available and non functional microbrewery, i hope they have started it now... and food wasnt great either (we tried antipasti)... sadly we had to bid out after a few rounds of drinking.. maybe i'll visit again but all for the love of beers.. strictly!!!
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