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yashodip Bhadane - Burrp User

yashodip Bhadane

May 01,2015

Good Food, Poor Service and Sad Bread

The food is consistently very good.

However, during the last two times, the bread basket, served has not been very fresh, not stale but not fresh either. I know the basket is complimentary but that does not mean the bread should not be fresh and probably a day old. Rather they don't serve it at all.

The service is also a bit slow and tardy though polite. Had to ask for a steak knife even after the steak was served. Can definitely improve on the service.
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Niv 1960 - Burrp User

Niv 1960

April 30,2015

Informal restaurant

Indigo Deli offers a wide range of food to suit all tastes. The restaurant is informal but the food is of a very high standard. Great pastries, great cakes, lovely fresh coffee menu, good sandwiches.As for food, we ordered, a risotto which was flavoured with saffron and smoked salmon bagel, all matched our expectation. The Thin Crust Barbecue Chicken Pizza is to die for. This place serves unarguably the best italian food in Mumbai.
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xerxes_burrps - Burrp User


February 06,2015

Good Food, Poor Service, Sad Bread

The food is consistently very good.

However the last 2 times the bread basket served has not been very fresh, not stale but not fresh either. I know the basket is complimentary but that does not mean the bread is not fresh and probably a day old. Rather they don't serve it at all.

The service is also a bit slow and tardy though polite. Had to ask for a steak knife even after the steak was served. Can definitely improve on the service.
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Asha Nath - Burrp User

Asha Nath

January 23,2015

a luxury to be cherished!

Been here a very long time ago,must visit again! When I visited last,it was a very popular place and one of the best in Mumbai and it still is in among mumbai’s most famous places,so I think the quality is still top notch. My hubby loved peanut butter sandwich here, the breakfast here is amazing,everyone must taste French toast,pizzas and penne pasta here too. Breads,pastries everything is perfect. Price is ofcourse on very expensive side but you get the satisfaction of having dined at one of India’s most famous places!
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Nehali25 - Burrp User


May 26,2014

Healthy yet Stylish

The Indigo deli is a frequent visit when i crave for out of the world sandwiches and salads. I love the way they experiment with fusion meals in their Menu for the day....and that always lures me into trying their main courses, despite going with a mindset of eating only salads :) the green apple and mint beverage is a must have!!!! And if you're lucky you might catch a glimpse of some celebrity too :p
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ruchaghag - Burrp User


May 19,2014

Best of everything

Indigo Deli has the best of everything ranging from sandwiches to desserts. My personal favorites are the mushroom ragout and sloppy joe. I love their madagascar vanilla green tea. When in Indigo i never leave without having their homemade ice cream i love, butter pecan, baileys, duce le caramel.
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Rati Mehra - Burrp User

Rati Mehra

May 13,2014

Perfect place for international cuisine

This place is a must visit if you wish to have perfectly cooked aunthentic international dishes. The ambiance is pepped up with daylight falling in to light up the restaurant in daytime and the lighting too is sufficient inside .Its located in an appropriate peaceful location . The hospitality is good and the service is quick. I loved the interiors and the seating. We had ordered Egg divinity , french toast in the beggining with appetizing peach iced tea. Peach iced tea was very refreshing and the eggs were cooked quintessentially.
The best dish was roast chicken with mashed potato and gravy and the chicken was so suttle and soft that it just melted in th mouth with the gravy. The italian was also luscious with penne witth roasted peppers artichokes & arugula being my favourite. The thin crust sauted onion,spinach and mushroom pizza was also amazing. So if you are looking for a fine dining restaurant with add ons like lip smacking food and relaxing ambiance, this is THE place!
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Nivedita Karmaran - Burrp User

Nivedita Karmaran

March 30,2014

Truly Awesome Place

We have been here for our anniversary, a recommended place in Andheri West. Not just for its really tasty food but for overall experience. We had the salmon salad, whoopee was it nice!, BBQ roast chicken pizza, they were generous with the BBQ chicken with other toppings, i had seared mushroom and garlic potato sandwich, mouth watering. A superb spaghetti with roast peppers and artichoke and lastly we had three chocolate mousse and banana caramel pie. Simply sumptuous!
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Vikas  - Burrp User


March 10,2014

All time favorite.

The food here, is extraordinary.After trying a lot of what's available, nothing seems to make that opinion change.
Also, the staff is quick and helpful.The ambiance is very casual and easy going.A great way to spend the afternoon or evening with friends or family.Everything about this place is extremely nice and comfortable.But i do think they should re-work the interiors.It's starting to look a bit old and dull now in comparison to the other branches of Indigo.Still, a great place to be and will keep going back.
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milonee s - Burrp User

milonee s

December 27,2013

vibe cure

Seeing the good reviews I ventured out to the place since I needed some grub to cheer me up from the post-vacation blues. First thing that strikes you is the terrible overpricing. I get the food must be jaw-dropping good, but at nearly half a grand for eggs, it's a deal meant for suckers or people who make more than they can count! For mere mortals like me, there are places in Pali Hill that can give me equally good food at five times less. Coming back to the food, I had their paper-thin crust pizza which had a uniquely thin crust which is good but the topping was strictly average. Just good crust doesn't a great pizza make! Ambiance is average and it doesn't give the deli vibe, more like a regular restaurant with not-so-comfy chairs. Go there if you like to dine with TV soap crowd or don't pay much heed to pricing. I'll skip this one, thank-you.
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desaitejas - Burrp User


December 05,2013

Indigo Delicatessen

Indigo, a fine-dining restaurant that combines old-world charm and heavenly delectable. I tried the special that day, a grilled basa.Sangria and a melon cocktail- Amazing! potent! and did wat it was supposed to & mushroom fritters- the best fritters i have ever had. served with sour cream dip this was just top notch. The fish and chips were good though.
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Z H - Burrp User


September 15,2013

Indigo gave me my fav. dish!

I had my first steak here and I have been hooked since them! Indigo has given me my favourite dish! The steak is cooked to perfection and with the steamed garlic and mashed potatoes it’s just gorgeous! So well, my its quite predictable that I usually only eat steak here. Besides this I have tried the Caesar salad which was quite good and sumptuous. Their Cheese cake is to die for! Lovely chilled out ambiance and good staff – will make for a lovely pleasant evening!
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Shreeda  Kirtikar - Burrp User

Shreeda Kirtikar

July 28,2013


It gives you the exotic feel of a vintage cafe, my best friend treated me there for lunch on my special day; my birthday...the ambiance makes your mood set, the staff is extremely well mannered. We ordered a cheese burger which was average, the panner starter was good, the risotto is a must try there, to end this beautiful meal my friend surprised me with a mud pie with my name neatly done on the plate, it was a sight to watch. This is one cafe around your block you shouldn't miss!!!
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December 04,2012

Even God would have been impressed!

I was craving for a pizza at night and i thought of trying Indigo,i did not regret-not one bit.Their margherita pizza was so delicious -i got lost in my own world while eating that.i even forgot to put the oregano!their dulce de leche ice cream was the best caramel ice cream i have ever had.caramel lovers should not miss this one.
Only thing that really dissapointed me was that there was no ''rocky road'' and ''lemon & basil'' ice cream for which i have to travel all the way to bandra!!!! thats sad! i request the management to please bring back some of their signature ice creams to the menu of indigo deli,andheri.
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Reply from restaurant management

Thank you for your warm words and recommendations! Unfortunately, we can't offer all our ice-creams at certain outlets, due to operational reasons. However, we do try to include a couple of new ice creams on our daily specials menu, which changes everyday. We're glad you enjoyed your meal and we hope to see you soon!

Omar Hamid - Burrp User

Omar Hamid

November 01,2008

Rare 5 Star Rating

I can only say that you need to go to this place if you haven't.

It isn't cheap obviously, but what you pay for is far inferior to the quality of the service, and the food.

There isn't one thing that I can insist you try, instead I would suggest that you visit this place regularly, budget allowing, and slowly go through everything they have on their menu.

I would be very surprised if you come out disliking anything.

I simply love this place!
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ronjee - Burrp User


October 12,2008

Great Food

Very nice food, great service and fantastic ambience. The pastas and pizzas were fantastic and the desserts were terrific!
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shwe27 - Burrp User


September 21,2008


Being a huge Indigo Deli fan, I was very excited that it had opened up in Andheri too. It is a big deal for this oh so South Mumbai institution to make the trudge to the burbs. And I can only say thank you!

The food is pretty similar (same?) to Indigo Deli so it goes without saying how excellent it is. I tried the Eggs Florentine for the first time and found them light and full of flavour. The side of mushrooms had a yummy herbed taste that had literally been absorbed by them. My friends were raving about the ham & cheese quiche while I dug into a very fresh and crisp asparagus, arugula and artichole salad. We all tried the Green Apple twist, a breezy drink made with green apple vodka (I dont recollect this being at Indigo Deli so it might be new). I was disappointed at them being out of my all time fave Dulce de leche ice cream but the Tiramisu and Chcocolate souffle (piping hot and bursting with liquid chocolate) more than made up.

All in all I would say the food experience equalled that of Indigo Deli.However I didn't think the decor quite matched up. The ceilings were a bit low compared to its high ceilinged South Bby cousin, and I can't quite put my finger on why the vibe was somehow more restaurant then uber-casual cafe. But I guess if I stop making the inevitable comparisons, this is amongst the most welcome additions to the Andheri cityscape!
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Vipul Singh - Burrp User

Vipul Singh

September 12,2008

Surely worth the pain

When I entered the place last Sunday, I was in a very foul mood. I had a very difficult time in locating the place and the person giving directions over the phone did not help the matter either. I reached there after wandering around for good 20 minutes in all the possible bylanes off the link road!

The valet was courteous (as was the doorman). It is a nice and cute little place with separate smoking and non smoking areas. The hostess was very pleasant mannered, who apologised instantly for the direction goof up and guided us to our booked table in the non smoking area. I started feeling a little better.

The menu was quite big with a some daily specials too. A tall server convinced us to order 2 pomegranate martinis, one margarita and one sangria on our table along with some food like chicken tikka (something exotic, not a typical red coloured one), pork sausages and chicken wings. The drinks were served in less than 5 minutes and oh boy, they were so bloody good. The girls loved the martini and my friend loved the Margarita... and my sangria was good enough to completely change my mood for better. I think the other restobars like firangi pani, TGIF, red box need to learn a thing or two about making cocktails from these guys. The starters came after this. Tikka was superb, as was the chicken wing in its own way but i did not care much for the pork sausages. They were ok. The tall server for re-order but by now were in an adventorous mood and wanted different cocktails and food. He obliged with Kiwi Margarita for the ladies, some green apple drink for my friend and a indigo mary (bloody mary) for me...everything was just too fantastic to comment. we had bobmay duck (excellent), fried calamari (okkkk) with a repeat of chicken tikka.

Spirits were high by now, we were high on spirits too and the place was buzzing by now and the fun with food began. We ordered two pizzas (one chicken and another meat one...dont remember the name) and a ceasar salad. I can describe them in either 1 word or 4 words...'mind-blowing' or 'out of the world'! We were extremely stuffed by now but still ordered a sandwich (multi-cheese) and a pasta with charred tomato. Pasta was absolutely perfect and tasty while one of the girls commented that the sandwich had too much of cheese (dunno what else was she expecting from a multi-cheese sandwich!!). We were too full for desserts (with another round of drink thrown in between) but the tall server reappeared again and convinced us for a mudpie. It was absolutely divine.

Service - It was nice, efficient and friendly though it was a little slow at times ( starters did not come together). It was definitely not a put-off or very noticeable though. The tall guy really knew his stuff well.

Damages - I did not pay the bill but the average food price is between rs 250-350 with a healthy portion size. drinks are also in the same price range.

How to reach there - 1st lesson. dont call them and ask for directions, they will confuse you with stupid landmarks. The hostess/operator is not from this side of the town for sure.

If you are coming from Juhu on link road, take the lane after Sri Adhikari bros (Kalinga Restaurant lane) and drive to the end. This is the road parallel to Cottonworld, Jafferbhai etc. This restaurant was earlier called Vanilla.

The place with its food, drinks and service more than adequately made up for the pains i took in reaching there. You will find me there very often now.
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ashishg - Burrp User


August 27,2008

Way to go!

I visited this place with my wife last week on a friend's recommendation. Like others that have reviewed this place I had a very good experience at Indigo and would go back for sure.

They have split up the place in a smoking and non-smoking section which is great for people like me. The wait staff was very attentive and helpful without being pushy. The food was served hot and tasted great. They have added a perfect Indian touch to non Indian dishes.

All in all the experience was great and would highly recommend this place.
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Anaggh Desai - Burrp User

Anaggh Desai

August 24,2008

It turns the mood Indigo

Been meaning to try this out since the time they put a small board opposite my house. So last saturday off we went. Since it was the wife's birthday, I called & checked about reservations, they said come ahead. Landed about 1. The service was excellent, friendly without being pushy right from the door to sitting down. The menu is exhaustive, though Sravan forced me to be nice & vegetarian, had to forgo my holiday beer. Tried out the wild berry & sweet lime juice. Fortunately Anurag Katriar their COO was around & whilst we shared some good anecdotes & places to eat...gave out an order for couscous upma, just right with the right taste. Garlic Bread that was absolutely divine, which had to be repeated again. My daughter ordered the french fries & home fries with home fries winning that day. Then the main course with Multi Cheese Sandwich & Corn potato burger. The sandwich was good, particularly the purple salad:), However the burger was amazing. It is really after a long time that I have liked a burger, made the way it should be (particularly veg) with the patty remaining HOT right till the end!!!! Whilst I would have loved to try the pizza & one another item off the menu, we were completely stuffed. Whilst debating on the dessert, Jaideep the executive chef came bustling in, organised a tasting session of their ice creams out of which I loved the one with tinge of rum but the wife ruled the day with chocolate..... We finished the afternoon off with a promise & reservation for the 2nd/3rd of Sept when I can try the Non Veg part of the menu. Overall a far superior product than Vanilla who was there earlier. Some may find it a tad expensive but then they have Kalinga down the road!!!! As i shared with Anurag, you got it right, just keep going & soon getting reservations would be a nightmare:) So guys go as soon as you can.
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Nandita  - Burrp User


August 15,2008

A superlative experience

At the 5 stars recommendation of the previous three burrpers, I decided to use a special occasion to land up there yday evening for dinner....The warm smiles of the hostess with whom I had exchanged a few calls asking for directions was a harbinger of good things to come...the inner separate non smoking section was quite empty except for the owner sitting on one table and another small group, and we chose our table for two..
The menu is quite exhaustive and I went for a berry drink, while the husband took to his single malt.

From the start we noticed that the service was refreshingly friendly and attentive...something that we always find lacking in this city.

We started off with a grilled vegetables and heart of palm salad which was delicious to say the least. The ultra thin crust pizza with pesto, tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella was out of the world, so much so that the two of us were tempted to order another one and skip the mains. However, we opted for the wild mushroom and red wine risotto that was crackling with flavours of rosemary. We also devoured a basket of garlic bread somewhere in the middle - which was a tad too buttery in taste for my liking, but was topped with loads of garlic and toasted to perfection.

All the while we made fun foodie conversations with the mother-son duo sitting on the table next to us. A gentleman whom I presume was the partner came to our table after each course to ask how we liked everything, and we enjoyed the interactive lively ambience...should not forget to write about some great music going on, unintrusively in the background. We skipped desserts - as the husband wanted something without eggs which we did not find on their list...and our attendant promised to rectify that the next time :)

Anyway, the highlight of the food was extremely fresh, good quality ingredients and superlative service - for which we are willing to pay top bucks - are the other restaurants listening?

We are going to back here soon, and I'm going to order my pesto-mozzarella pizza when I call to reserve seating :) This was a most wonderful dining experience in a long long time.

A small clarification here - they don't do wood fired pizzas, coz we specifically asked them for one after reading in a previous review; but whatever they do with their pizzas is good enough to get stuffed on them :)

Just in case you are wondering how much it all came to -
Food - 1400 and Liquor - 2400 inclusive of VAT
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Nupur Pathak - Burrp User

Nupur Pathak

August 13,2008

Just Great

I got into this place by chance and I am so thankful to god for that. I wasnt aware that Rahul Akerkar has opened a shop in this side of the town; thank you Rahul!

The place is very similar to its cousin in Colaba, Indigo Deli and everything here from food to service to ambience was terrific to say the least. I had a Ceasar Salad, it is with a twist here but amazingly good with parma ham and paoched eggs. I then had a Grilled Chicken which came with mashed potatoes. It was the best i had anywhere for a long time; juicy and tender. My friend had a Burger and he swears that it was the best he ever had, done to perfection and promises to come back again and again. We followed this up with a funny sounding icecream which was like having frozen rabdi of a high quality...simply mind-blowing.

How can i forget the drink. While i settled for a beer, my friend had two different cocktails with Vodka. They use only fresh fruits and the drinks tasted so much better with them.

Service is impeccable (though it was surprisingly not so crowded) and if they maintain their standards, it will undoubtedly be the best eatery on this side of the town.

Highly reccommended.
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Anand Jain - Burrp User

Anand Jain

August 10,2008

Floored by the service

Indigo Cafe has taken over the place that was once occupied by Vanilla. It was their opening day today, and boy they did put up their best behaviour.

We reached there at about 1 pm and were promptly seated. Earlier in the day I had called for a table reservation but was told that they were packed. However when we reached there, the place had quite a few empty tables.

We ordered the grilled veggie salad and the asparagus & artichoke salad with the ranch dressing. Both were very well made and tasted yum. Would recommend going in for the Asparagus salad. We also ordered a veggie-tofu wrap in roomali roti, a focaccia bread sandwich with mozarella and fresh tomato, a three cheese risotto and couple of smoothies - the Pineapple with mint smoothie and the Pear smoothie.

All in all the food was very very good. They get full marks in the presentation and the taste department.

The best part however was the service. My mom had some difficulty eating the roomali wrap (it got messed up), the manager promptly noticed that and got it replaced with a multi-grain cheese sandwich.

The Tiramisu we had was good. One of the very few places that gets it's Tiramisu right.

The place is setup like a cafe. They have both indoor and outdoor seating. They also serve breakfast items after 9 am.

I loved the place and would go there again to try some more items off the menu. The music and ambiance made it a pleasant experience for me and my family.
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