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Raj786 - Burrp User


April 30,2015

Asian fine-dining

All Stir Fry is one of my favorite authentic Asian fine-dining. They have unlimited wok buffet option wherein you are free to choose your base noodles/rice, veggies for your dish from a wide variety and your choice of sausages. And the serve is unlimited. But however I always prefer for al-a-carte menu which has wide variety of soups , dimsums, appetizers – everything lips smackingly delicious. The decor and furnishing is modern. The service and staff is absolutely top-notch.
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Niv 1960 - Burrp User

Niv 1960

April 27,2015

Best Asian Food

This by far is one of the best Asian food restaurants in town.the restaurant has a trendy look & feel to it, with long wooden tables and bench-style seating. Been here like a million times in the last decade and never disappointed. I have to compliment them on their consistency and quality of food. The ingredients available were fresh and delicious, as always. I opted for a mix of tofu, broccoli, bell peppers, baby corn and zucchini along with flat noodles in a garlic sauce. It’s a perfect blend for spicy lovers like me.
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Heman Shah - Burrp User

Heman Shah

April 20,2015

“Over Rated”

I had heard a lot about this place and finally made it to the restaurant. Upon entering, this is a good place to be in, but very noisy, as it was jam packed. As the name goes by...ALL STIR FRY and we took one of that, while the others went for A La Carte...
the soup we ordered was extra spicy for a normal human on earth and the dim sums were also not that great, so were the starters.
We ordered for Virgin Mojito and we were presented with Fresh Lime Soda with mint leaves as our drink. They thought we are some fools to accept that as mojito. Overall it was a very sour experience and will not highly recommend anyone.
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

March 22,2015

Perfect oriental date

It is one of my favorite authentic Asian fine-dining restaurants in Mumbai
The service, ambience , food and the atmosphere all together compliment in setting the right mood for an oriental dinner date!
My Fav Cambodian Prawn soup - a delicious broth soup made from hint of black pepper and mixed Asian herbs with yummy prawns to satiate with every spoon.
This place manages to maintain it food quality and hygiene levels and also use different utensils for Veg and Nov Veg.
The complimentary Fortune cookies are the best part of the entire oriental affair!
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  • All Stir Fry, The Gordon House Hotelimage
  • All Stir Fry, The Gordon House Hotelimage
  • All Stir Fry, The Gordon House Hotelimage
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Foodosaurus Prachi - Burrp User

Foodosaurus Prachi

January 30,2015

A bit expensive

The concept is unique where one takes noodles, veggies,fill the bowl up and take to the chef and ask them to prepare it live with choice of sauces. Quality of food is good and service is very polite and the chef smiles which is great.I was confused about which sauce to use and chef asked me what kind of taste I am looking for and then stir fried something amazing for me. Expensive but it is okay considering the quality of food.
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December 27,2014


This amazing stir fry wok is surely gona make u fall in love wit this place for its unique style..the self mix combination in variety of sause.. MUST MUST GO place..!!
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Tanvi Juwale - Burrp User

Tanvi Juwale

May 12,2014

Oriental haven in the lanes of Colaba

The interiors are good but it could be a task to find owing to the fact that it is located in a small lane behind The Gateway of India. Once inside what appeals to me is the ambience and the interiors; minimalistic white and apt yet elaborate. Crackling spinach and their live wok stations are nothing you wish to miss out on.The choice of vegeatbels and meats at the wok station could be wider. The prices seem reasonable but the range of wines needs an improvement. Loved the fortune cookie!
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Arty_Murarka - Burrp User


December 12,2013

Love the wok

All stir fry is our favorite go to place for the Wok. The À la carte menu is great as well. But we love the wok. Pick up anything you want. And the chef cooks it right in front of you in the sauce of your choice.Yummy!
It gets a little noisy on the weekends. However the food more than makes up for it!
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Sid Chitalia - Burrp User

Sid Chitalia

November 15,2013

Amazing food... Great ambience

One of the Few places where you get Awesome Thai and Chinese Jain Food. Its a very well managed Restaurant and the Servers and Captains are very polite , courteous and always serve with a smile. They do get a tad worked up on weekends.. but where doesnt it happen in mumbai nowadays!!. Whats great - Woks have always been signature to this place but surprisingly!! i Love the Ala- Carte as well. Amazing Kaukswe and The Thai Green Curry. What needs improvement : Weekend Service!! and few tables dont have a back rest at all. When one has a Choice (Read Weekdays) its fine but on Sundays when one has to take whatever table is available.. its a bit upsetting. Come on MGMT.. do something about it! Also please do have some quota for Walk in Customers too as it is always not possible to reserve in advance. We don't live in a perfect world...
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Juilee Manjrekar - Burrp User

Juilee Manjrekar

October 07,2013

It was amazing

I was dying to try this place since ages and finally convinced some work colleagues to get me there! Its a sprawling huge place when I went there first - not too sure if after renovation, it has changed interiors or not (heard it was shut recently for the same). The wok style eating quite excited everyone. So what you do is, take your wok and choose your kind of veggies, meats and sauces and have the cook make it for you right in front of everyone.. Fun, fun and yum, yum! Others on my table had the Thai Papaya Salad, the Tom Kha Je soup, the Crispy Tofu with Chilli and Pepper Corn side dish and the Indonesian Grilled Chicken. I had a Chicken Wok with burnt garlic and pepper rice.
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Yashesh Gandhi - Burrp User

Yashesh Gandhi

September 20,2013

Great food! Not so great recently

I've been a huge fan of All Stir fry and especially their A la Carte Menu, and not the make your own wok. Our order used to be fixed pretty much starting out with Veg Manchow soup: Which is my favorite manchow soup, amazing on taste, and lots of veggies! Kung Pao Potato, Water Chestnut and Baby Corn: We normally order a mix of either of these 2 veggies in a kung pao sauce Veg Steamed Wantons Veg Papaya Salad For the main course we order rising rice and teppayan fried noodles. All these are always great and tasty. We've had the honey friend noodles and ice cream at several occasions. Recently the food hasn't been up to the mark, but it was better the last time we were there. And have fun reading your fortune cookies at the end :)
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Stir Fry-Dining at its best

Housed in the pristine white landmark called The Gordon House, All Stir Fry is a tribute to each of the 5 senses. From the absolutely breathtaking ambiance to the exceptional and prompt service ASF is a fine blended scotch- once you've had it, nothing else will do. Everything on the A La-carte menu and buffet is sure to be a nirvana for your palate(esp. Lamb in Earthen Pot) and guess what its not heavy on the pocket either. Never have i been so generous in my praise to any restaurant in any of my reviews but ASF is the Ace of Spades from the house of Mars Foods and deserves every bit of it. Happy Eating
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Reply from restaurant management

Thank you very much.regards avinash bhatia sales manager

Misha m - Burrp User

Misha m

August 20,2008

Incredible Wok

All Stir Fry is completely a foodie's delight. You can make your own combination of veggies and noodles and choose from a wide range of sauces and condiments...A monthly visit is a must in my life. Love going here again and again. The seatings a bit uncomfortable and if the place is full (which is normal) then it too pick a week day and ray it is empty.

Try the Black Bean sauce or Kungpao sauce with your veggies and its to die for....
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Khadija Lokhandwala - Burrp User

Khadija Lokhandwala

August 20,2008

Wok Works!!

My fiance & me went to All Stir Fry last nite since we both love to try out new stuff. We skipped the regular soups, went for chicken satay Bul Duk (they had a dimsum satay festival on) which was tender, well cooked and tasty. And then we tried the Wok.. awesome concept and and plenty of choices to choose from, be it veggies or beef, lamb, chicken,sea food..the works....
The Ambience is ok... Music is ok..
I tried my choice of veggies and chicken wit hunan sauce.. kind of sweet & spicy..good one..Unfortunately by the end of the first bowl I was stufffed so could'nt make the second trip.
Definately a must try and must visit place....

The pricing is reasonable. The Wok costs 350/- INR which includes unlimited trips to the chef.
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