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Navya P - Burrp User

Navya P

February 28,2015

Amazing cakes,pastries

One of the best places for cakes, pastries and puffs/croissants/sandwiches-simply amazing bakery. Expensive of course but the cakes are so amazing to look at (and taste even better) that I don’t mind shelling out extra for a special occasion like my mom’s birthday. I had my first red velvet cake here and it has been divine, now my mom won’t have any other cake! I love all the chocolate pastries too, they are really rich and made of dark chocolate. I like the idea of having baked samosa and vada pav too, never tried but they look good. Also the breads here are great, my dad likes the whole wheat bread from here.
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Foodosaurus Prachi - Burrp User

Foodosaurus Prachi

January 29,2015

One of the best places for desserts

Cakes here are amazing and I prefer them for any function at my home or even at college! So many flavors and all are amazing. Especially fruit flavored or chocolate gooey, or red velvet cheesecake even. Also they have a hokey pokey ice cream parlor newly opened which is fantastic! And also baked vada pav, sandwiches,burgers, upside down pineapple pastry, philadelphia cheesecake, chocolates ,fresh breads and savories-try it all out!
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December 31,2014


haven't seen such a wide variety of eggless pastries n cakes, loved the Crunchy Brownie Mousse cake..wirth a try. Reasonably priced being the icing
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Sneha Verma - Burrp User

Sneha Verma

October 06,2014

Must visit.

A beautiful and convenient location. I just love open aired places. The ice cream over here is really very tasty, can never forget the taste. They have a huge menu. One should definitely try Mawa cake. It's delicious. Its a place to enjoy and visit if you haven't till now
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Tanvi Juwale - Burrp User

Tanvi Juwale

May 14,2014

Not for the insatiable sweet tooth

The one at churchgate is the what they started with. Outside Samrat, it is a good utilisation of space, What I loved was the Garlic Toast which seems to be discontinued but the baguette is good among other varieties of bread about the cakes and pastries, blue berry cheesecakes are an absolute must have but avoid the mini desserts because they couldn't get any worst....
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chheda_chirag - Burrp User


March 19,2014

Awesome place!

I had come here for the first time in order to get a cake for my Mom's birthday party. I was sure about this place as I had previously once had their cakes and knew how delicious they were.
I went there and got a Swiss Truffle,A Chocolate Truffle and Exotic Fruit Cake. It isn't a common scenario in my family when everyone likes the cake but this cake was different. It was from 210! Even the elderly's were all over it enjoying each and every bite of the cake. I was happy to know that I had made the right choice :D Although, being not a big fan of fruit cakes i wish they had their pineapple cake in stock that day! Still even the fruit cake was adored by all. Im coming back soon 210! :D This time for the Gooey cake!
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Nishad Lad - Burrp User

Nishad Lad

November 21,2013

210 percent amazing!!

210 is an obvious choice for anyone who wants to indulge in deserts. The simplistic seating and self- service are convenient.Its not dat costly as well. The desserts are fresh and amazingly good. Chocolate desserts, especially, are a delight. The cheesecakes are damn yumm!! The goeey chocolate cake is amazing! In terms of savory, everything is fresh and delicious, but the only complaint is the unavailability of various items at certain times. The choco chip cake is a must try!! Eggless items do taste amazing! Do try the garlic toast with butter!! Highly recommended!!
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gayatri.s - Burrp User


October 26,2008

Everything's excellent here!

Been to this place when i was in college but have lately realized how amazing and moderately priced the stuff here is!

Can't really recommend anything in particular as every item is so good! And their cake's seem to be much better than some of the cake's i've had in recent times... a real boon for pple who don't eat eggs too! If a place make's cheesecake as good as Moshe's and Basilico it's gotta be a cut above the rest (Blueberry cheesecake highly recommended)

They've also recently launched some new stuff...try the mint paneer plate and their walnut banana bread/cake
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Jarna Gandhi - Burrp User

Jarna Gandhi

January 04,2008

yummy eggless desserts

I never knew egg less desserts could be as tasty as desserts with eggs.. In fact, their pastries are sooo yummy that its very hard to believe they are made without eggs.
I've tried a lot of their pastries and each one has a distinct taste. The best ( and my favourite) is the gooey chocolate cake.. Their brownies are marvellous.
i pick up whole wheat bread only from here. I've never had such yummy tasting brown bread... they offer a huge variety of breads ranging from milk bread to fancy ones like choco-chip and walnut breads.
Their service is very average but i wouldn't blame them as they are perpetually over crowded. A must visit place for desserts... !
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Sagarika Luthra - Burrp User

Sagarika Luthra

December 11,2006

HEAVEN for EGGLESS Pastry lovers

210° - Two Hundred and Ten Degrees is what they call it as (Baby venture of Samrat Restaurant at Churchgate)It has Cakes/Pastries/Bakery items/Coffee all “EGGLESS”. The only haunt in amchi Mumbai to get everything egg less.The most delicious item there is the Ferrero Rocher Cake/Pastry…it is our very favorite Ferrero Rocher chocolate in its form surrounded by bitter chocolate mousse and cake…it will be a task eating one pastry…don’t get extinct before making this last sin.If you survive that better make way for the Walnut Brownie…please specify: little warm with chocolate sauce…yummy. My mouths watering already.Then there are varieties of pastries…Dark chocolate chips, Chocolate Gooey, Mousse Cake, Crunchy Bottom cake, Kit Kat cake, Zebra Cake, Black forest, 3 layered mousse, et al….what do you expect me to remember the whole menu…well I would but its been over a month I visited Heaven.Also try out their Bakery items…Baked Paneer, Frocacia, Pizza, lots more. They all are yummy.Good cosy ambience with coffee tables and chairs, good service with a smile, although self service, one would see alot of college crowd there i.e. H.R and Jai Hind digging in the chocolate pastries et al. A place to E(AT)njoy!!
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