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Argha Banerjee - Burrp User

Argha Banerjee

June 19,2016

Haji Saheb: The best days are gone.

Haji Saheb, one of the most popular restaurants in Behala for years now. Known for its Biryani and Varieties of Rolls, they also have every other Indian and Chinese food items which we regularly have. But its the Biryani which made their success story. I have always been a fan of their Biryani since childhood. Residing in Behala its one of the most common places to go and have some Biryani, so its countless times i went to this place. But in recent years the quality and quantity of Biryani has degraded a lot which makes me go to other places.

Located in Behala, Diamond Harbour Road. Behala Tram Depot is the landmark stoppage and once you reach there you can easily see the restaurant.

Nothing to be honest. They have two sections: The Takeaway Section and The Dine In Section. Very ordinary place with too many tables and chairs in a small space making things uncomfortable.

Coming to food, which is the most important point to talk about. The Indian Dishes are quite good and worth their prices, whereas I personally don't like much of their Chinese food items.
These are the items which you should go for when you visit this place:
# Chicken/Mutton Biryani : The most popular item must be ordered as this is their speciality. Though you shouldn't expect much.

#Methi Chicken : This is one of the dishes i love here. The thick spicy gravy will take your heart and can bring you back again.

#Chicken Hariyali Kabab : If you love Kababs, you should try this one for sure. Soft, Green, Juicy, Delicious is what I can describe this item.

#Haji Spl. Mutton Kima : As the name says, its the special in the house. This is what i love and I always go for it. Mutton Keema cooked with rich spice with egg. You will definitely remember it for days.

#Chicken Tandoor: Decent taste, well cooked, highly reasonable.

#Rolls: The rolls are always a speciality of Haji Saheb, you can always have rolls from here. It has been hunger saviour for many for years.

A very reasonable place to fill your stomach. If you want to eat Indian Food, you should definitely go to this place. Not only it gives you rich spicy taste, it saves your pocket as well. Do not go to this place if you want great ambience, or if you are going for a date with your partner.

A 3/5 overall. There are lot of areas where improvement is needed and it will definitely increase the ratings.

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hemlatachandra - Burrp User


November 26,2015

Biryani Detoriated over times

I was truly a fan of Haki saheb biryani but over the times it has detoriated a lot.. the biryani is oily and of blande taste which was never a case before.. it is really sad and I would request management to rectify it at least for the sake of its fans/ it also has a restaurant but dont expect a ambiance there..the side dishes are good to have with rotis.. don't try chinese here
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