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Bangalore's Toit Brewery Is Finally Pouring In Mumbai!

Tanvi Juwale December 01, 2017





If you're a craft beer aficionado, you've heard of Toit; if you've visited Bangalore you've probably been to the iconic Toit Brewery at least once. When we went there for the first time so many years ago, we watched in awe at the stout being poured and the cascade effect that followed. The taste of that pint was fresh on our palates and in memories.

Fast forward to 2016, when we knew that the brewery was opening doors to the maximum city. Now, as we stand at the end of 2017, Toit Brewery is finally pouring their beers!

Toit Taps

They're pouring six beers: Basmati Blonde, Dark Knight, Toit Weiss, Colonial Toit, Kilnaleck Red and Tintin Toit.
Basmati Blonde: This one's a light refreshing and crisp brew.
Dark Knight: This dry stout has delicious creamy mouthfeel, and notes of chocolate and coffee.
Toit Weiss: This cloudy bitter Bavarian Ale is a white wheat beer with impressions of banana and cloves.
Colonial Toit: This true blue IPA has a hoppy bitterness and is mildly citrusy.
Kilnaleck Red: This Irish Red Ale has an aroma of pine, grapefruits or raisins.
Tintin Toit: This Belgian style Wit Bier is a cool refreshing drink has a pleasing sweetness with hints of coriander and citrus.

Kilnaleck Red, Colonial Toit & Dark Knight at Toit Courtesy: Ms.FoodieTwoShoes

Well, if you ask us, which one's our favourite, we'd say the Dark Knight, hands down. It's a delight savouring this beer from the very moment it's being poured.  The beautiful cascade effect by the nitro pour adds to the creamy texture and beauty of this delicious beer.
It took almost a year and a half since the rumours of Toit making it's way to Mumbai, but we have to say that it was definitely worth the wait!

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