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7 Nutella Desserts For Your Sweet tooth This World Nutella Day

Tanvi Juwale February 04, 2018





Admit it we've all derived either an innate or an acquired joy when we see a jar of Nutella. All of us find ourselves feating on various desserts made from this chocolate spread and in more ways that one, it's opened up newer desserts to our liking. I first spotted it as a child when I went grocery shopping with mom and I've been obsessed with it ever since.

February 5th marks World Nutella Day and we thought why not speak about this delicious tempting spread that is now an indivisible part of our lives. We went scouting around the city and here's what we found:
Nutella Mudwell Cake @ The Boston Cupcakery, Andheri Lokhandwala

Nutella Well Cake at The Boston Cupcakery

Ever wondered whether there's just one answer to all your worries?  We all do but I found my dessert equivalent of nirvana at The Boston Cupcakery. A delish chocolate cake is shaped like a bowl and filled with gooey sinful Nutella, need I say more?
Nutella Pizza @ 1441 Pizzeria, Fort

Nutella Pizza at 1441 Pizzeria, Fort

Imagine after a long day of work when you finally get your hands on a delicious pizza. If you ask me, it's almost as good as a hug but what makes it better is when you can eat it for dessert too! The Nutella Pizza at 1441 Pizzeria is the ultimate dessert!
Nutella Seasalt Cookies @ Sweetish House Mafia, Churchgate

Nutella Sea Salt Cookies at Sweetish House Mafia

All it takes is one delightful cookie to bring out the Cookie Monster in all of us. If you take everything with a pinch of salt, Nutella Sea Salt Cookie by Sweetish House Mafia is an absolute favourite *eats a cookie* om nom nom nom.
Banana Waffle Nutella Popsicle @ Frugurpop, Bandra

Banana Nutella Waffles at Frugurpop

Anyone who says that you can only eat waffles and not slurp it hasn't tried Frugurpop's Banana Waffle Nutella Popsicle. A luscious spread of creamy Nutella infused with delightful bananas with a hint of waffles is definitely a breakfast of champions.
Strawberry Nutella Pie @ Deliciae Patisserie, Khar 

Strawberry Nutella Pie at Deliciae, Khar

What is fruity, slightly tart and goes well with Nutella? Strawberries! It's probably unfair that strawberries are a seasonal fruit, but to make most of it this would be our pick!
Brun Muska Nutella Pav  @ The Bombay BronxBreach Candy

Brun Muska Nutella Pav at The Bombay Bronx

Brun Muska and chai is the perfect snack for anyone who appreciates a well-brewed cuppa tea (read: chaivinist) but add a little Nutella to it and you have a high tea worthy finger food.
Cognac Chocolate Nutella Brownie @ G77 Club & Kitchen, Andheri

Cognac Chocolate Nutella Brownie at G77 Club & Kitchen

Growing up brownies have always been our go-to dessert but adulting gets tough, I find solace in G77's Cognac Chocolate Nutella Brownie. This soft warm dessert oozes with Nutella, Chocolate, brandy, and a dollop of vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce.

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