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7 Food Trends We Are Excited About In 2018

Tanvi Juwale January 08, 2018





Some would say 2017 was a brief year, some would say it was painfully long; GST, Covfefe, celibate peacocks to Rohingya Muslim crisis, we saw quite a bit. We come back to the culinary world and in 2018 just like every year, we're sitting on the edge of our chairs anticipating newer culinary experiences and triumphs in a rather hedonistic way. With the new year, the food trends for 2018 have emerged too. Some transient, some long lasting, some perhaps more ensuring that the earlier ones, we've made a list of food trends for this year.

Gut-friendly Food
Bombucha (Courtesy: Bombucha Facebook Page)

Bombucha (Courtesy: Bombucha Facebook Page)

We weren't alien to the idea of fermenting. We've been eating idlis and dosas for so long, so what's really new about this? Putting together the benefits of fermenting and emergence of Kombucha, Khimchi, Kefir, and yogurt did start this trend 2017, but we wish to see it flourish in 2018. If you ask us, Bombucha is one of our favourite brand for Kombucha.
Poke bowls

Red Snapper Poke at O Pedro

If this were Hawaii, it wouldn't be a task finding these lovely Poke (pronounced Poh-kay) Bowls, but here it was really difficult to one of these lovelies in the city. With its name loosely translating to slice, this delicious (and colourful) dish is a nutrient powerhouse we see our city warming up to this year, just the one here - Red Snapper "Poke" at O Pedro.
Craft Spirits

Greater Than (Courtesy: Jay Dhawan)

Now, while diners and culinary enthusiasts have had plentiful craft beer, craft spirits such as Gin or Whiskey is something we're only getting started with. As I write this, I can still taste some a delicious Greater Than - a London dry gin made in Goa. With a delicious aroma of Juniper and zesty lime,  it's currently available in Bengaluru and Goa and we can barely wait for it (and more such spirits) to come to the city!
Non-QSR Dining
For decades culinary scene in the city was dominated by the Udupis, Chinese and North Indian restaurants. Over the years both the diners and culinary personas have evolved. While most of the restaurants seemed like they were cut out of a slightly different cookie cutter, only a handful stood out such as Khyber, Kailash Parbat, Copper Chimney, Cafe Samovar (which is now shut). As we continue to be aware, worldly and informed about food, we delve into discovering places and finding our own culinary nirvana. This along with concept-driven restaurants such as The Bombay Canteen, Cafe Zoe, Bombay Brasserie, and many more are consequentially leading to lesser footfalls in QSR dining.
Regional Cuisines & Ingredients

Akhrot ki Seekh at Taftoon

Well, maybe not a new trend but it only gets bigger this year. Ever since the inception restaurants such as The Bombay Canteen, Taftoon, and Arth have focused on the ingredients that lay beyond the spotlight and nosedived into the lesser known culinary jewels bringing them to the forefront such as Rat Tail Radish (or Mugri) and Gondhoraj Lemon.
Ancient Food

212 All Good

No, we don't mean to sending you to grab a history textbook and but we're repeating it for the good. Grains such as Amaranth have made a comeback in places such as 212 All Good and we sure as well are hungry for more!
Oriental Dining

Phu Tord Prik Thai Dam (Fried Pepper Crab) at Nara Thai

Doesn't matter how much we explore the south east Asian cuisine, there's always more. We mean for how long can we stay happy with our Bahn Mis, Me Goreng and Pad Thais? We agree we've had restaurants such as Tamnak Thai for a long time and last year Nara Thai opened it's door to the city too, but we wish to see much more such experienced based restaurants and Izakayas doing justice to the beautiful, intricate and robust cuisines in 2018!

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